ACs consume up to 70% of electricity in houses: Kahramaa

Air conditioners consume up to 70 percent of total electricity used by the household electric appliances, Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) said releasing figures of electricity consumption of home appliances yesterday.

The move of releasing figures of electricity consumption aims at creating awareness among consumers about energy conservation amid soaring temperature when mercury is touching 50 degree Celsius, forcing people to resort to air conditioners by large to beat the heat. “Air conditioners consume the highest 60 to 70 percent of total electricity used at a home followed by lighting system like bulb and tube-lights that need 10 to 15 percent of electricity. Geyser (water heater) consumes only five percent of total electricity. And the share of electric consumption of remaining electric home appliances is 10 to 20 percent,” said Kahramaa.
“Kahramaa is using various platforms including social sites like Facebook and Twitter to influence the behaviour of the consumers for rationalising energy consumption,” an official from Kahramma told The Peninsula. “It is part of a Kahramaa’s massive national drive for the conservation of electricity and water consumption “Tarsheed” to preserve the energy.” “Releasing consumption figures aims at educating people about consumption rate of their electric appliances so they would stop unnecessary uses”, said the official.
Explaining unnecessary consumption of electricity, the official said “for example, keeping air conditioners of drawing room running while there is no one and especially at bed time, this and other behaviour would be stopped when people come to know that how much electricity an AC takes.”
Giving tips for electricity conservation, the official said “air conditioners should be set on right temperature as higher the temperature means lesser the consumption.”
“24 degree C (75 o F)is recommended temperature for optimum energy efficiency and comfort. Increase in each 1 degree C may save 2-5% of energy consumption.”
Clean your AC filters once within two weeks. Exhaust fans in residences are not designed for continuous operation. Exhaust fans, not only exhaust odour, smoke and fumes but it also exhausts conditioned air.
AC technician shall clean the coils, filters, check whether the refrigerant is sufficient and check electrical connections. This will not only ensure energy efficiency but also improve the reliability and life time of your ACs, said the officer.

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